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president. i wasn't rooting for george w. bush to fail because i knew america would fail if george w. bush would fail. republican congress doesn't have the attitude. that's why we're left with the mess today. >> when you talk about priming the pump most americans said we'll give the president and his approach in terms of this massive keynesian infusion of government money into the economy let's try that. obviously has not worked when you talk about getting economy going again it is about unleashing private sector. when they passed this nearly trillion dollar stimulus president obama and his economic team promised this point, 3 1/2 years into hi tenure after the stimulus unemployment would be 5.6%. here we are at 8.2. number is going in right direction. >> said it would be 8%. missed about .2 percentage points. >> millions ever people are still out of work. >> a lot better than it was when obama came in. under bush we had job growth go down. under obama we had job growth two down. >> blame bush again. >> i'm not blaming bush. when you get into the mess that bush got us into takes more than
same tax cuts that were a big part of the presidential race 12 years ago when george w. bush ran for the first time against a sitting vice president, al gore. back in the good old days of the year 2000 race the u.s. treasury was bringing in an annual surplus, revenues, mostly taxes were about 2 trillion bucks. uncle sam was spending 1.8 trillion leaving $2 trillion left over. governor bush was calling for tax cuts to give the surplus back to the american people. vice presidental gore said he wanted to keep the money in a lockbox to pay for entitlements in the future. as you know george w. bush won that election and the argument. he signed into law the tax cuts that now bear his name in 2001 creating six tax brackets with a top marginal rate of 35%. they didn't provide relief only to the rich. the lowest tax bracket dropped from 15% to 10%. just three months later the deadliest attack ever on u.s. soil sent the nation's economy reeling. wall street shut down, financial markets in a tailspin. president bush called for another round of tax cuts to jump start the economy. in 2003 pre
chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove. he is also a fox news contributor. karl, it strikes me that at a time when iran is in, you know, reach of a nuclear weapon perhaps, you've got syria blowing up, you've got all kind of attacks on u.s. forces in afghanistan and the problems that could be attendant with that the presidential candidates are talking about things like offshore bank accounts. is this the kind of campaign that we want to be running? are they talking about the major issues out there? >> reporter:. >> well you talked about foreign policy think about issues at home. we had a bad jobs report. jon: right. >> dropping consumer confidence. yesterday retail sales declined, the biggest decline i think in three years. we have a lot of issues. growing debt, $4 billion a day added to the national debt. you're right, this campaign is at at point where we've got a series of charges about governor romney that are, that have already been undermined by the media itself. we've got the romney campaign trying to change the subject by attacking president obama's policy
and or has been. >> reporter: this in many ways swift boat attacks the 2004 campaigns and george w. bush and republicans tried to prevent john kerry from using his perceived asset, military record against the incumbent president then was a wartime election. much the same seems to happen to mitt romney. incumbent democrats are trying to take away his business background as asset and make it a liability. this is not something that plays to key issues of the american public and ad war continues. here is little bit of the latest obama attacked a out today, back with bain capital headlines from the press. and there is a new response ad from the romney campaign which is very telling. in it, you see video of the president talking on the campaign trail 3 1/2 years ago. and mr. obama says if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint our opponent as someone people should run from. obama said back then, that this is an example of once again, a candidate who doesn't have much because you don't have any fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare voters. romney campaign argue that is exactly w
george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. karl, what do you make of these numbers? >> well not good, not good for the country and not good politically for the president. here's a look, jon, if you will, you remember the growth here, number in the second quarter is 1.5%. for the year it is estimated to be 2% though i suspect a lot of people will be lowering their estimates now that we've had 1.5% in the second quarter and 2% in the first quarter. but here's what looked like in previous reelections. when president bush ran for re-election it was 2.6% in the second quarter. and 3.5% for the fiscal year. when clinton ran for re-election it was 7.1% and 3.7 for the year. when president bush 41 who lost his re-election it was 4.5 and 3.4. president reagan re-election, 7.1, 7.2. when jimmy carter lost, minus 7.9 in the second quarter and minus 0.3. this is the worst numbers we've had in the modern era. particularly when he said we tried our plan and it worked. it ain't working for a lot of americans. jon: when ronald reagan took office from jimmy carter, unemployment was up over 1
in boston at romney headquarters, former president george w. bush and former first lady laura paid a visit about an hour to romney campaign headquarters. a bit of a pep talk to the romney campaign. of course the former president stayed out of the political spotlight. is not going to the republican convention in tampa but, behind closed doors, sought to rally the troops in the romney campaign. jenna? jenna: i want to get a fly swat irto the screen. mike, you did a great job. don't take it personally when the bugs are around you. >> reporter: must be my cologne. jenna: must be. thank you. jon: right now pennsylvania's new voter i.d. law under fire. the feds are opening a new investigation whether it discriminates against minorities while the aclu and other groups are headed to court tomorrow to fight the law that requires voters to show photo i.d. before casting a ballot. eric shawn in our new york city newsroom with that. hello, eric. >> reporter: hi, jon. the justice department is investigating pennsylvania's new voter i.d. law. attorney general eric holder says he wants to protect the rig
will put out. there will be no george w. bush, by the way at the republican convention in tampa. i would like terry comment why that is the case. rick: hold on, i will, questions, gentlemen. i want to ask you about the former president's ability to reach a certain voting bloc that the current president has had a tough time reaching and has not been very successful with him, white males. bill clinton, can do that, can't he? >> i think that is precisely what this is about. over the past 3 1/2, four years, barack obama has become disconnected from the middle class, from independent, and ticket-splitting voters, people that were crucial to his election in the last go round. so this, this is about president obama trying to get a little bit of love from independents and ticket-splitting democrats and republicans. bill clinton has achieved a certain stature, a certain statesmanship that barack obama is trying to piggyback on. i think, peter is right, they need to reconnect with the middle class. this is one day they will do it. i tell you, wednesday night speech in august ain't going to get it
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)